Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Quilter's Nappies: Premium Cloth Diapering Wipes

Before Abby was born, I had decided to use cloth diapers, I also knew that I wanted to use cloth wipes as well.  But I wasn't sure which ones I would use.  I even debated over making my own (haha! If you know me, you KNOW I am not that great at sewing) or just buying a bunch of baby wash clothes.  Before I made up my mind, one of my best friends sent me a package full of baby goodies for my shower gift that included 2 12 packs of wipes!  So I made my mind up that I would use these wipes and with a gift card from another friend, I purchased another dozen of those same wipes and was perfectly happy using them.  I still use them, and I still like them.  When Laura (owners of HCT's ) started cloth diapering a mutual friend of ours had recommended her to Quilters Nappies and she purchased several of them.  While I liked them, I just couldn't bring myself to paying that much for a wipe and didn't quit understand what the big hype was about them. 

Several months later, Laura sent me 3 Sherpa/Velour and 3 Flannel/Velour to try out. I admit, I FELL IN LOVE!!!  Now I understand what that big hype was all about!  They are so soft and thick!  I use half the wipes for a messy diaper then I would have to with my original wipes.  The Sherpa/Velour wipes work FANTASTIC for wiping up the messiest poos while the Flannel/Velour comes in an assortment of fun colors and prints! (They work great too for messy poos!)  Not only can you have cute diapers, you can also have cute wipes to go with them!


 Order your Quilters Nappies today and take 10% off your order until 7/11/11with code NAPPIES. Also, make sure you stop by Quilter's Nappies Facebook and tell them how great their product is!

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