Tuesday, October 23, 2012

3200 Fans Giveaway!

As always you all are amazing. Not only did we make it to the 3100 fans goal but you pushed passed that and made it to 3200 before I could get the giveaway up! You are awesome! If I haven't told you thank you yet please, please know that I am forever grateful for each and every one of you. You are what makes Happy Cotton Tails stay alive. You are the ones that share the word. You are the ones that show your products to other moms and tell them to come to me. Thank you. Thank you for supporting this little shop and not the big stores or big websites. Thank you, thank you, thank you! Now onto the prizes! a Rafflecopter giveaway

Monday, July 23, 2012

Episencial Soothing Cream Review

Recently I was contacted with a question on what product work great for eczema but is natural. I recommended Episencial's Soothing Cream to the customer and she sent me the e-mail below. I hope all you mamas with children with ezcema find some hope in this!

"Growing up, I have always had to battle eczema. Finding products that will not irritate my skin further has been quite an adventure throughout my lifetime. The wrong moisturizer or soap could easily leave me looking like a person with measles. My quest for finding the perfect lotion without having to use a prescription full of harsh chemicals, has been something I have done all of my life.

As the mother of a toddler with extreme eczema, I am always on the lookout for a great moisturizing product that won’t irritate my son’s skin. Like me, my little guy’s skin gets irritated easily and he can go from having skin “soft as a baby’s bottom,” to “skin like a fish’s body,” in one trip to the pool. Medical providers have told me to cut back on the number of bath’s for my son and to forget about letting him ever take a bubble bath. A bubble bath? That is one of the joys of bath time for a child!

Happy Cotton Tails has recently started carrying the Episencial brand of natural skin products. They range from lotions and body washes to bubble bath and sunscreen. Aside from the adorable design using “The Very Hungry Caterpillar,” these products are the bomb.com! After giving you a little history, you can tell that I have tried many, many products for my family’s skin. The soothing cream is amazing! It is the denser product made for “itchy, bothered skin comfort.” Although it is thicker than the regular lotion, it does not feel heavy or greasy. A little of this product goes a long way. I saw a huge difference in my son’s skin within the first few days of use, and I haven’t stopped using it! After a week, I started using the product on myself as well and couldn’t be happier with the results! As most women know, you have to be extremely careful with products used on your face or your babies sensitive skin. I have no problem using the soothing cream on my face. Because it is all natural, my skin does not get irritated or break out. I keep a bottle of this lotion everywhere-the bathroom, the car, the pool bag, and even at grandma’s house! Because of this cream, I am able to let my son take longer, more frequent baths, and yes, he can even enjoy the bubble bath! I would highly recommend this soothing cream to any household whether you suffer from dry skin or not!

Thank you Happy Cotton Tails for carrying such a great product!"

Read more on Episencial's Soothing Cream and order it here - http://www.happycottontails.com/Episencial-Soothing-Cream_p_150.html

Enjoy $1 off a bottle of an Episencial product now until 8/15 with code TRYEPISENCIAL.

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Lunette Review By Honey Bump Maternity

Our local maternity consignment shop graciously did a review of the Lunette Cup for us! Hop on over to her page and check it out! http://utah.todaysmama.com/2012/05/29/lunette-cup-review/

Friday, May 25, 2012

Birthday Giveaway!!!

As a way to celebrate our birthday we are giving away some AMAZING products! Make sure you take advantage of the daily entries because there are prizes for everyday until our birthday and 5 on the day of our birthday!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Memorial Day Sale and Happy 2 Year Birthday HCTs!

As we approach this Memorial Day weekend and HCT's 2 year birthday we would like to announce......


Episencial Sunscreen Is $13.00! 

This can be combined with other deals.

Spend $25 on CJ's All Natural and receive a FREE body/linen spray. Just put CJs in the comments at checkout.

Spend $25 on Delish Naturals and get a FREE package of Wipe Cubies! Put Delish in the comments at checkout.

Spend $40 on Motherlove and get a FREE Nipple Cream. Simply put motherlove in the comments at checkout.

Buy 2 bags of Rockin Green Cloth Diaper Detergent and get a free scoop! Write scoop in comments at checkout!

Not a fan of those deals? Choose 1 of these:


Order $10 and get a free package of RLR with your order! Put RLR in the comments section.

Order $25 and get a free pair of bamboobies nursing pads! Use code LOVEMYBOOBIES!

Order $30 and get a free pair of regular Babylegs with code BABYLEGS. 

Order $50 and get a FREE Planet Wise Snack or Sandwich Bag with code FREEBAG.

bumGenius 4.0 Diapers Are Still On Sale Buy 5 Get 1 Free! Simply Add 6 Solid Color Diapers To Your Cart And Use Code BFGO512 At Checkout!


Wowzers, now that you know all these amazing deals, lets make sure you understand the rules. These sales are 1 per order. Meaning you can use one promo code per order. You are more than welcome to place multiple orders to get all the goodies you would like. All freebies are available while supplies last - if we run out you will be contacted in regards to a replacement product of equal or lesser value. All scents on freebies are selected by HCTs staff. Any returns placed on sale items will have the free item value deducted from the return. No additional discounts are allowed on the items (for example: Military) All sales are valid from Friday, May 25th until our birthday Thursday, May 31st at midnight. All minimum requirement sales are prior to tax and shipping. Any orders not meeting these requirements will be notified or canceled. Not valid on previous or pending orders.

Healing Hazel Hazelwood

White Adult Hazelwood
Typically every item I carry I have tried and loved. Every once in awhile there is a product that I haven't had the opportunity to try but everyone raves about. This product was Hazelwood. Hazelwood is know for it's natural ability to fight acid reflux and calm eczema. If you haven't met my boys they are spitters. They are exorcist spitters. If you are sitting across the room, you will get spit up on you. With my first son Andrew I used to cry thinking he was spitting up his entire meal. Now that Isaac is 3 months old I figured it was time to give hazelwood the true test. If anyone could prove that these necklaces work... it was my kid. 

It was around lunch time when I remembered to put it on him. As soon as it was on he was ready to eat. After nursing I burped him and he puked. Not the whole meal but he puked. Every other feeding that day was spit up free. Not even a dribble out the side of his mouth. It was amazing. 

I took the necklace off of him while he slept and during his feeding throughout the night he spit. First thing in the morning I put the necklace back on. All day today he has been spit up free. Every burp I'm waiting for the shirt filled with puke or it all in my hair and it's clean.

Since I love this product so much and it has been proven on my son I decided to order more and bring in adult hazelwood so mommies can have the relief they need as well. Here is the link to the necklaces. As always there is free shipping on amber and hazel necklaces. They come in 11", 13" & 18". They also come in a variety of colors! 

Have you used hazelwood? Did it work wonders for you as well?

Blue Adult Hazelwood

Monday, April 16, 2012

My Journey With Cloth Diapering a Newborn - Part Two

bumGenius Freetime AIO (All In One)

When I first saw the bumGenius Freetime I thought it would be very bulky on a newborn. I assumed it would be the same as putting a one size on with two inserts. Boy was I wrong. This diaper is nice and trim and fit my 9lber great. 

For more information or to order a bumGenius Freetime Diaper click here.

bumGenius Newborn Diaper (AIO)

When considering a newborn diaper the bumGenius newborn diaper was one I was iffy on. My babies are typically 10lbs or more and I worried they would grow right out of it. The bumGenius Newborn Diaper was the first diaper my little man wore out of the womb. It fit great! I absolutely love these. They are easy to put on and a AIO which, when you are lacking on sleep, feeding and taking care of a baby all day on top of your other children and home the last thing you want to do is stuff diapers. Isaac is now close to 11lbs and they still fit him great.

For more information on a bumGenius Newborn Diaper or to order click here.