Thursday, May 24, 2012

Healing Hazel Hazelwood

White Adult Hazelwood
Typically every item I carry I have tried and loved. Every once in awhile there is a product that I haven't had the opportunity to try but everyone raves about. This product was Hazelwood. Hazelwood is know for it's natural ability to fight acid reflux and calm eczema. If you haven't met my boys they are spitters. They are exorcist spitters. If you are sitting across the room, you will get spit up on you. With my first son Andrew I used to cry thinking he was spitting up his entire meal. Now that Isaac is 3 months old I figured it was time to give hazelwood the true test. If anyone could prove that these necklaces work... it was my kid. 

It was around lunch time when I remembered to put it on him. As soon as it was on he was ready to eat. After nursing I burped him and he puked. Not the whole meal but he puked. Every other feeding that day was spit up free. Not even a dribble out the side of his mouth. It was amazing. 

I took the necklace off of him while he slept and during his feeding throughout the night he spit. First thing in the morning I put the necklace back on. All day today he has been spit up free. Every burp I'm waiting for the shirt filled with puke or it all in my hair and it's clean.

Since I love this product so much and it has been proven on my son I decided to order more and bring in adult hazelwood so mommies can have the relief they need as well. Here is the link to the necklaces. As always there is free shipping on amber and hazel necklaces. They come in 11", 13" & 18". They also come in a variety of colors! 

Have you used hazelwood? Did it work wonders for you as well?

Blue Adult Hazelwood

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